This Memorial Day, in a word, sucked. Woke up at 4:30 to hear running water. After checking all the sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, had to go outside to check the outdoor faucets. Nothing. So dug out the water meter and sure enough, the dial is spinning like the proverbial top. Had to get a wrench and managed to turn the water off. But then, Memorial Day, when people want to have some down time, I needed to get a gentleman over to do a leak detection. Unfortunately, for me, he found several. So when the plumbers came over the next day, it turns out I have to have the house replumbed. And let me tell you, it isn't cheap. But the people who came over are really great and were not going to be able to start until Monday the 6th. However after explaining my situation, they did rearrange their schedule so they started here today. It takes about a week to do the whole house and let me tell you, not having water is a huge hassle. Having to fill my utility sink and water bottles in order to have water to flush toilets, wash your hands, brush your teeth and, at least, be able to microwave water for coffee, keeps one running. And with me on the chemo drugs, it does wear one down a bit. Found out that insurance won't cover any of this since it is considered maintenance. I will need to go over to the bank today and transfer some money to my checking account. Just trying to be grateful for the fact that I have been saving so I won't have to take out a huge loan or anything. But it sure puts a damper on the start of summer.

Did go to get new labs at the Bone Marrow Clinic yesterday. My doc was concerned that some of the meds I am taking are causing my counts to be low. A couple of weeks ago they got to a point that the dosage on some meds were decreased to try to combat the problem. But then, since the dosage changed, the insurance company need another prior approval the okay the new dosage. It was ridiculous. It was the same drug I had been taking just a lower amount and not for as many days. They took so long, there was a weeks delay in getting my meds. I am now just trying to chill and look for something for which to be optimistic.

Did have a nice Saturday. A couple, who are good friends of mine, their son graduated from high school. I have known him since he was born. We all went out to this great restaurant about 30 minutes from here. It is owned by an Italian and he is also a great chef. My meal was paid for even though I tried to buy the wine, I was outvoted. I had a wonderful fettucini with seafood in a wine sauce of some kind. There was shrimp, mussels, clams, fish, octopus to name some of the goodies. The chef also prepared a special appetizer that was an octopus salad and very tender. Even had dessert. Came home stuffed.

Haven't really done anything exciting since I was told to avoid infection, so mostly hanging around the house. Did finally go see the Captain America movie. Thought it was okay, though I think I am getting a little super hero burnout. Am wanting to go see the Nice Guys as it looks like it will be a romp. Do like something different once in awhile. And I imagine I will go see Finding Dory. Love the first one so this should be fun also. Went to see The Jungle Book last month and thought it was great. Amazing CGI and I still like the story. Kipling was one of my favorite authors when I was young. "And of course, looking forward to the next Star Trek movie. Saw an interview with Karl Urban and it made me want to see it even more.

Well best go hit the bank and take care of business. Hope everyone is having a good start to the summer.

A beautiful day
Well, I am going to try this again. I had almost finished an entire post when it just suddenly disappeared into to cyberspace. I bet you could hear me screaming at the computer from wherever you were. This has happened to me at least three times here and also when answering or posting e-mails. Don't know why but I can't ever find them again. So now that a couple of days have passed and I won't be tempted to smash the computer, I am going to post. As I had said in the first missive, it has been a beautiful week here. The sky is blue, and temps are in the high 70's to low 80's. I even got to get out and do some needed yard work this last weekend. The winds did manage to blow a lot of detritus all over. So I got up most of the branches, twigs and weeds off and out of the lawn. The azaelas are in bloom and mine are pink, reddish, and white. And the birds are hanging out at the bird bath. So I am already getting the urge to roam. However, won't be able to do that for awhile.

Just had cataract surgery a few weeks ago and the result was so good I am going to have the other one done as soon as I can. For the first time, when I wake up I can see my feet. At least out of the one eye. After having that one done, it is apparent that the other needs surgery as well. I will have to coordinate it with my docs at the Bone Marrow Clinic. I go in there soon and will see if my labs are still good and whether I will need to be off the chemo meds for a week like the last time. When I get the other done I will only need reading glasses. Never knew how good it would be to see to drive, or watch t.v. or movies without having to wear glasses.

Went out and cleaned up the screen porch this weekend. The stray cat I feed (just call me softy) had shed so much fur all over the patio furniture and had tracked sand in as well. So table and placemats to be cloroxed off and the chairs as well. Now I need to get some help to put a couple of the chairs back together. The pvc pipe came off the chair and to glue and put it back requires some muscle. Going to see if my neighbor will be able to assist. Both he and his wife have helped me with a few tasks on occasion and are so sweet. I hate to ask them to help very often, but every once in awhile I have to. But I try to repay their kindness.

Still haven't managed to go see Deadpool as yet. Seems like every time I think I am going something else comes up. That Zootopia looks as if it might be a fun little movie. Haven't seen an animated movie in awhile. Might try to see that. And when Batman vs Superman is released will try to see that one as well.

I am still loving the t.v. show Lucifer. It is the most interesting new one I have seen for awhile. And I do like Gotham, Major Crimes, Flash, Sleepy Hollow and Top Chef. But it seems as if, a show just starts up again and it is already having it's finale. Gets a little frustrating.

Went out and voted today. Although the words rock and hard place kept popping into my mind. This election is such a cluster F.... The Republican party has no credibility for me at all and if they nominate an meglomaniacal, opinionated, name calling person, the U.S. will lose all credibility it has in the world. Just my opinion.

Better stop typing now and post before it disappears like the last time. So hope everyone is having a nice spring and getting ready to 'spring forward'. Do like more daylight wish they would settle on just one all the time.

ready for summer now.
Know the people up in the northeast, Midwest and over on the West Coast are getting the most horrible weather, but I can't stand the cold. Although most of my friends think it is only mild when the temps are in the 50's.
It has been even colder than that here the last few mornings, much colder, and I am turning into a little blue dot. We have lower temps and possibly heavy rain due this weekend. I am already bundled up. Brrr. But when I see the film of the weather in other places, I am so glad I am a girl of the south.

Had a very pleasant weekend with ann_tara and her friend L. We went to a Supernatural convention. They are both big Jensen Ackles fans and he was there along with most of the other stars. He is definitely a cutie. The first day we were there, L had found out about a famous candy shop not to far away. We walked over there and checked out the place. It was in a restored three story home and they had all kinds of candy. On the way in there was what looked like an old soda fountain shop. We went in before we left, but it turned out to be a bar. Ann-tara and I split a dessert and L had a cocktail. It was made using pop rocks and when she poured it into the glass those rocks really did pop. That night there wasn't a lot going on at the con so we went out to a great restaurant called Bistro Aix. I think all of us enjoyed our meal. There was a lot going on Saturday and Sunday so we didn't get out as much. Did walk over to the Landing which wasn't very far and had lunch at an Irish Pub on Saturday.
The rest of the day we listened to the stars talk and answer questions. Sunday was the big day with Jensen, Misha, and Jared all there. We got to go in early with our tickets to see J & J. They were sure entertaining and always appear very grateful to all their fans. Ann_tara got me a great Christmas present. It was a photo op with Jensen and Misha, who are my two favorites. Even though I wasn't quite ready when the picture was taken, it turned out all right. I already have it framed and sitting between the two separate pictures of Jensen and Misha I had made almost 5 years ago at the other con I attended in L.A.

The only glitch, and it was a big one, was when everyone was trying to leave on Monday. It was MLK day and the only street out of the hotel to reach the various interstates was blocked off. I couldn't believe the lack of city planning that allowed that. I sat there forever, while a couple of police directing cars were only letting about two go at a time, then there was another long wait. There was a huge line even after me. Then after that, the way for me to go turned out to be also blocked off! A gentleman walked me through two parking lots to get me to a one-way street to get out. What should have taken only about five minutes to get out took me an hour and a half. I was not happy.

Back home I managed to get a number of errands accomplished so that when I went for my appointment at the Bone Marrow Clinic I didn't have to run around afterwards. For the good news, the cancer numbers are down, but for the bad news, the White blood count, red blood count, and platelets are all very low. I have to stop the chemo for now and go in for the IVIG infusion next week and then back for more labs then for another IVIG infusion. I thought the last one did some good since I wasn't catching every bug that was out there like I did in October and November. But guess not. I do get a little more fatigued of late, but rather have that. I am going to try to go to Tai Chi tomorrow. I think it helps loosen me up and build up my stamina. I usually do some treadmill and weights afterwards. Have to see about that tomorrow.

So that was how things have been going since I last posted. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well.

Another Christmas
Well, Christmas has come and gone. All in all it was a very good one. I had my traditional Christmas Eve gathering with all my friends who have nutured and assisted me through all my chemo and bone marrow transplant.
Had the usual ham and roasted turkey as well a smoked salmon, meatballs, chicken wings, chips and dip, various cheeses and lots of cookies and candies. Needless to say, I was satiated. Then most of us sat around and opened our gifts. It was nice and we didn't stay up awfully late. People did remain and helped me police up the place, so I didn't have a ton to do the next few days. I am happy to say I am not as obsessive about getting everything cleaned up immediately so I did take a couple of days to make the place presentable again.

On Christmas Day went over to another of my friends home and had a wonderful dinner of Prime Rib, potatoes, salad and other goodies. I bought some Mousse Truffle Pate and Shrimp to take over as appetizers and they did hit the spot. Did bring a nice bottle of wine as well.

On Sunday, I met with a lot of my friends to go see Star Wars. I did like it, and saw where it was headed and wasn't to surprised by what happened. Know there were a lot of things Abrams left that will be in the next film. I do hate cliffhangers, but this did have some resolutions. I got two gift cards to Regal Cinemas so am going to have to start seeing more movies this year.

It seems as if every year things are pretty slow until mid November and all of a sudden there are parties, dinners, get togethers and other things that are on the schedule. I am meeting an old racketball partner tonight for supper. Tomorrow night I am taking another friend for her Christmas supper since she doesn't usually want stuff. Then on Thursday, I will be meeting with two old roomates who let me stay with them while I was attending my anesthesia training. One lady will be here from North Carolina and the other lives in a small town just down the road, but she is so busy taking care of her ex husband who has Parkinson's, her dogs, and her horses. She is one busy woman, but when we get back together at least once a year, it's just like we haven't been apart. It is a great feeling. We all just gab away and have some laughs.

Really don't plan to do anything New Year's Eve. Will probably make a decent supper and pour a glass of bubbly and watch the ball drop at midnight. Sometimes in our neighborhood people do set off fireworks but not always.
I just don't like getting out with all the 'crazies' on New Year's Eve. Especially in a college town. It is insane enough on football weekends.

I am looking forward to going to a convention soon. It will be a nice get away and a fun time too. Going with some friends who are driving up and we will all meet there. Not sure what all we will be doing but I am sure there will be something to occupy us. I have an Open Table gift certificate so may look up some restaurants to see if there are any that are near the hotel. Not sure if it will be amenable to everyone, since I am not sure of what is on the schedule at the convention.

I am doing much better now. Had some issues in October and November with colds, viruses, and food poisoning. It turns out that my chemo drugs had dropped my white count to unacceptable levels and that was why I seemed to be catching everything and having a hard time getting better. But I went in for an IVIG infusion (that sucker lasted six hours) and it did seem to help. Also they held off my meds for about 10 days. I am back on them now but so far doing okay. And the good news is that the meds, did kick my cancer numbers that was a big win.

Anyway hope everyone has a happy new year. Don't forget to eat some black-eyed peas and hide some money so you will have a happy 2016.

Post Turkey Day
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was enjoyable and full of friends and family. I was lucky enough to be invited over to a friends and her family. We had a wonderful meal full of traditional food and appetizers. I managed to eat too much again, though not as bad as last year. Did come home in a state of tryptophan lethargy and just slugged out in front of t.v. Had a book to read, but only picked it up once I think. I had been busy the day before and had accomplished a lot of decorating for Christmas and it did wear me out a bit. Am still getting over a bad virus that slammed me for three weeks, then right after I was starting to recover from that, got food poisoning.
Didn't eat for two days. So now am trying to eat a bit more to gain some weight and also do more to build back up on my stamina. So this Thanksgiving food fest was most appreciated. Brought my piece of pumpkin pie home but didn't eat it until late. Think I was still full then.

Finished decorating the house for Christmas so got that behind me. Still am going to try to have my Christmas Eve get together with my friends. It has become expected and it is always enjoyable. Though it is a lot of work. When I was younger and healthier, I used to really get into it. I still do, but have toned it down a lot.

At any rate just wanted to hop on and wish everyone Good Times ahead and celebrate the season however you wish.

Now it is November.
Guess I should try to post again. I haven't been as good about it, but am trying to get back on it.
It has been a bad week for me. Fighting a virus and I am so ready for it to be gone. Had to go to the E.R. last week. Won't be doing that again soon. Just wanted to check and make sure there was no pneumonia creeping up on me like one time. After being there for six hours and getting a chest x-ray and a P.A. listening to my heart and lungs. thought I was done. She decided that we should get some blood work and a urine specimen. So I supposed we were going to get it then....but no. Another two hours without anyone coming, I gave them the urine specimen and then told them I was leaving. The chest x-ray was fine. Not doing that again anytime soon.

Did get down to Orlando for the Epcot Food and Wine Fair. Met ann-tara there and we had a nice day. I really didn't overeat. Had three items on Friday, none on Saturday, then another three with ann-tara. It was a nice day and enjoyable.

Am going to attend a memorial service this month for a good friend of mine. She was the mom of one of my friends here in town and always treated me like a daughter. She was 91 but still, I will miss her and a lot of the good times we had going to many places. Took me to the Space Center where her husband had worked before he retired. And was always doing something for people. After her husband passed away, she volunteered at the Hopice where they had taken care of him.

So happy with my team. Go Gators. It is such a pleasant surprise that after being dismissed early in the season, they have played with heart and pride. Right now, though, they sure could use a kicker. There was a general call out for tryouts. Guess this new coach has been a good and pleasant surprise.

Haven't been to any new movies in a few weeks. Going to see Spectre when it comes out. Might have to wait until the second week. Did love the Martian. I had read the book and the movie did it justice. Matt Damon was a good choice as the lead. Will think about buying the DVD when it comes out. There is a couple I am a bit interested in, but might wait until they get released on DVD.

Well not much else going on right now. Just waiting for my health to improve. So have a great November.

Lost the last entry
I tried to post a couple weeks ago. It never seemed to make it to lj. I guess it is floating somewhere out there in cyberspace. I might have done something since they put up this new format. Seems as if everything is changing and it gets hard to keep up.

Anyway going to make this short just to see if it makes it to the general masses.

Had a roof leak the last month and called the people who had put on the new roof. I knew it wasn't very long ago, but couldn't remember the year. It was the time I was having the beginning of my medical issues. At any rate they sent a gentleman out and he said he would give me an estimate and send it to me via e-mail. Couple days later there was a knock on the door and the man who was to fix the roof came early, which was fine. Told him I hadn't received the estimate as yet and he looked it up. Turns out it was still under warrenty. So that was a big win.

Had to break down and get a new printer. Found a really good deal at Best Buy and I had a gift card from Christmas that I used on it. Plus the printer was on sale that day. Now all I have to do is get it hooked up.

Went to lunch yesterday with some friends. Tried a place called the Wahoo Seafood Grill. Hadn't been there in many months. My friend and I shared some crab legs and she got some fried green tomatoes that were very different. They had a pimento cheese melted on top and crab meat as well. There were four large ones. I didn't care for them as they were very rich and to me, the pimento overpowered the dish. But Sporangia liked them.

Okay gonna try to post this now. Maybe this time.

I realize I haven't posted in quite some time. Guess the lazy, rainy days of summer just depletes my resolves to do so. There are quite a few friends I follow on Facebook and lj, so it doesn't seem as if I miss much. I really haven't been all that bad. Just had some medical issues that kept me from doing some things this year. Managed to get to Vegas earlier in June. Unfortunately got a cold on the plane flying there. Thank goodness there was a Walgreens near the hotel and I managed to get some meds and cough drops. In spite of that I enjoyed the escape from routine. Had some wonderful meals while there, two at very nice gourmet restaurants. One place had a Lobster Pot Pie, very good, service impeccable, and even got a panna cotta desert. At another I had a wonderful King Crab Salad that was delicious. Again the service was wonderful. It is nice that now I can eat out by myself without being looked at like I crawled out of the woodwork. In the old days when I went to some medical meetings, and I refused to stay in my hotel room all the time just to eat room service meals I did get some looks. But no one now seems to care about it. I also saw a great show there at the Wynn called Showstoppers. Played a game of Blackjack and they even put a no smoking sign on the table. On the last night there I even won some money on the slot machine. So all in all a good trip.

My friends just returned from North Georgia and North Carolina. Didn't go with them this year as the medical issues kept me here and it was probably wise. The tests I had to have seem have come out with no consequences.
Had a full day in the ER and then had to see a Cardiologist. Turns out she was a doc I used to work with before I retired. Got a nuclear stress test and an Echo. The stress test was negative so that is of the good. Right now I am feeling pretty good (knock on wood) and am hoping that my appointment at the Bone Marrow clinic tomorrow will show that my numbers are down.

I have managed to see more movies this summer than last. I just saw Ant Man this weekend and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I also saw Mr. Holmes. Another good one. A week ago did see the new Terminator movie. It was okay, but same old same old. Checked out Chappie from the redbox and it was a lot different than I thought it would be, but wound up liking it. I was just thinking about movies that made me feel good and I enjoy watching them more than once. So a modest list.

Galaxy Quest. (Always good for a laugh and fun time)
Princess Bride (Wonderful heartwarming movie.)
Sister Act (Don't know why I like this one but I just do)
Ghost ( Great Patrick Swayze movie)
Notting Hill ( Another almost fairy tale story)
Fried Green Tomatoes ( Just loved the whole movie)
Forrest Gump (Great nostalgia for me)
Victor Victoria (Julie and James great pairing. Alex Karras was good as well)
The Music Man ( have to see that on the fourth of July for some reason)
Bull Durham (fun romp)

Avatar (great special effects)
Star Trek The Voyage Home ( special for me, Last time I was with my cousin who was killed in an auto accident)
Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn ( Who can forget KKKAAAHHHNNN!!!)
Star Wars
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney did it well for the time)
The Lion King ( I was immobile when I saw the preview song )
Bambi (I hated Man after that movie)
Lady and the Tramp
Fantasia (The original taught me some wonderful classical music)
Alien (That was one scary movie)
Aliens ( an even better sequel)
Jaws (Makes you worry when in the ocean)
The Bodyguard (Beautiful song good movie)
Driving Miss Daisy ( great acting)

Okay quitting now, since there are more movies than I realized I could watch over again and again. I am going to try to see The Man from Uncle when it comes to town and probably the new Mission Impossible movie. Saw a preview of one called A Walk in the Woods starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Wanting to do the Appalacian Trail at their ripe old age.

Guess I better quit blathering and go ahead and post this. I knew there wasn't a whole lot to gab about but wanted people to know I am still here.

Musings and ramblings
Cannot believe that May is about 'done and gone' already. It has been an up and down month with my foot acting up and no one can figure out why. It isn't great to wake up and limp around going 'ow, ow, ow with every step. But nothing shows up in the blood work, on x-ray or even on an MRI I had at 11 p.m. one night. Next up is a rheumatology consult but not until late July. The good news is my cancer numbers have come down, though the platelets, RBC's and White counts are down. Still, I am doing pretty well and I want to continue to improve so am trying to get back to Tai Chi and today walked 2 miles on the treadmill. Consider that a big win.

Had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Got together with the Friends on Friday and went out for supper. Had a very nice salad and an appetizer of crab cakes. Most everyone else got the 'slider 5 oz hambuger. On Saturday met the girls and we agreed to get together Sunday night instead of the actual Memorial Day. I hadn't had a group over since Christmas eve because of the health issues, but decided it was time. I made sloppy joes, white acre peas, fresh white corn on the cob, and we had a nice salad. Momcat brought over a raspberry and a peach sorbet that we had later. Before that we rewatched Galaxy Quest which we hadn't seen in a long time. Forgot how much I liked that movie. I think that was the general consensus of opinion by everyone. On Monday I drove over to look at the memorial display put on by some of the veterans. They place small tombstones all along a park showing all the losses that have occurred to our troops since the early Desert Storm to now. It is quite moving to see how much sacrifice our people have made.

Been watching all the flooding and rains in Texas. I used to live right outside Houston and know how quickly that area can be inundated with water. There were times that, even after a big thunderstorm, one couldn't drive on the roads due to them being submerged. Remember a time when my Mom had to be boated out as my Dad was at work and couldn't get back to her over the roads. Feel so bad for all those people. I think Mother Nature is getting back at us.

While having breakfast and reading the paper on a leisurely morning, looked out the window and there were all sorts of birds trying to get into the birdbath. There were cardinals, chicadees, bluebirds and a couple I didn't recognize. Usually the cardinals are bit of bullies and scare the others off, but there was actually some sharing going on. A couple of wrens keep trying to get on my porch to build a nest. Have had to get rid of it three times! I leave the screen door partially opened for the stray cat I feed and she was just sitting there looking at them. Probably thinking "Oh goody, appetizers."

Think I have seen most of the finale's from the T.V, shows I watch. Liked the Flash, Gotham, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Marvel A of S, among others. Didn't like that I have to wait for some continuations, like the Blacklist, but knew there would be some. Supernatural had to have one of course.
I am happy that Major Crimes is coming back on soon. Will have to see if any summer shows turn out to be good.

The other night, I watch The Hundred Foot Journey that I checked out from the Library. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I always like Helen Mirren but didn't know any of the rest of the cast. There were some scenes I didn't expect and the whole show just made me feel good. If one like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I was told this reminded them of it. For me, not so much, just one I liked.

Summertime temperatures and afternoon rains are now starting. We do need the rain in my neighborhood and I am trying only to water on the days allotted to our street. Going to have a big landscaping job done in just over a week. My back flower bed is really in need of redoing. So getting some new plants, mulch, and shrubs put where others have died or are doing badly. Lost a small palm due to the freeze we had back in the winter. Don't usually have temps that go down into the low 20's for as long as these did. So they are going to put a new small palm in to replace the one that is beginning to look as if I am growing straw.

Well, hope everyone is going to have a great summer and enjoys the beach, mountains, or cities where the vacations occur.

April, come she will
Well, hope that this time when I try to type an entry it doesn't disappear into the ether when I am almost done.
Tried everything I knew to try to recover it, but it didn't happen. Still have no clue as to why it vanished.
So maybe this time it will not do that.

At any rate, I am very pleased that April has arrived. The dogwoods and amyrillis have bloomed. The azealas have mostly finished showing off and the green is on the trees. There is also a bush in my back that is called a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. On the first day the flower is a light purple, then next day turns white to be followed a day later by turning purple again. It has a nice smell too. This time of year, my favorite, the temperature is back up after the winter. Know my friends don't like it when it gets warmer, but for me it is wonderful. Need to have some yard work done and this year, going to work on the backyard flowerbed.

So Easter snuck up on me this year. I never really plan much, but yesterday found some fresh rock Cornish game hens at the grocers. Have a great recipe for the hens in cognac and cream flambé. Served with long grain and wild rice and a small salad, will make for a wonderful repast. I might even have a glass of wine with the meal.
Unfortunately, my friends invited me over for Easter supper and had to turn them down. Single girl rule, never turn down free meals, but had already purchased the ingredients for supper and wouldn't have a chance to cook them until later in the week.

Have to go back to the Bone marrow clinic tomorrow for some more labs. I am hoping my numbers are down since they put me on a second oral chemo drug. Been having some side effects these last three weeks that are affecting my ankle rather badly. A couple of mornings got up and could hardly walk because it was so painful. Not sure what is causing the swelling and the pain as it has happened a few of times before, but was gone in a couple of days. We took x-rays to rule out infection, sepsis, gout or myeloma. All negative. This time it has lasted so much longer and hoping to find out tomorrow if they have any suggestions on any other posibilities.

Just watched the movie Chef last weekend when ann_tara visited. Good movie but a lot of profanity. Not sure why it had so much, because the movie could have been just fine without it. I am used to it in almost all action movies but this was a bit different. Being a foodie though, it made you hungry just watching. Also saw the movie Pride recently and found it very good. It is based on a true story taking place in the 80's in the U.K. The gay and lesbian groups in London decided to support the miners strike that was going on at the time. Some funny scenes and it gave you an idea of what was going on at the time. Would recommend it as well.
Still want to see The Hundred Foot Journey, because I love Meryl Streep. Didn't get great reviews, but I still want to see it.

The Easter bunny is never going to visit me again. I feed an old stray cat, who decided to leave me a baby bunny right outside my sliding glass doors this morning. Mommy bunny is never going forgive me. Don't think the old cat is too happy with me either as I had to glove up and put the dead critter in the garbage. At least this time the 'pressie' (per my cat friends) wasn't partially eaten. The cat sat on the patio table just watching me through the windows. I guess she was wanting praise or something. I am trying not to encourage it.

Well I am going to attempt to post this without it going away again. So Happy Easter to everyone.


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