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Baby birds and a cat.
Just returned home after a quick trip. I leave my screen porch door partly opened as I feed a stray cat. (Never start doing that...it never stops.) There are potted plants on the porch and this year a wren has built a nest in one. Last year the birds tried to build one in my Christmas cactus that was given to me and I managed to get rid of all three attempts, but they nearly destroyed my plant. This year I didn't catch them in time and when I started to pitch the nest there were already two eggs in there. sigh. Now that I am back home I have discovered four little open beaks in the next. The cat is curious and so far I have managed to keep it away. But I do not know why those birds built their little place where the cat, I am sure is licking its mouth and goin hors de ouevers. It is a never ending adventure.

Had a nice little time away for a few days. Met with Ann-tara and had a nice lunch at a little French bistro. It was good to spend time with her again. Hoped to meet with TSU but he had to go to a meeting on the day we could meet. Did some shopping, mostly window, as I didn't really buy anything. Did manage to hit a major rainstorm on the way down, but won't complain...well yes I will, but since we need the rain so badly I really didn't cry about it too much.

Back to working around the house now. Have had it pressure washed, have had some yardwork done. I also went out this weekend and did a lot of pulling weeds, breaking up branches, getting rid of a lot of dead branches and creeping vines. Some had big stickers that I managed to get into a couple of fingers. But I notice it looking better even if no one else does. My Japanese Maple Tree in the back yard up and died and I am trying to get it removed and a new one put in. The next time the landscapers can get here isn't until June. Gads. I am also having to have some holly bushes replaced. Got the air conditioning guy coming over this week to service my unit. So as you can see that is just some of the joys of being a homeowner.

Hope everyone is doing well and is able to read this.