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February into March
Okay, the last few days of February were not bad. Had found a great deal for on property Universal hotel. I had never stayed there since they were so expensive. Always found better deals at Disney. Stayed at Cabana Beach, which is their newest hotel. It is a retro place from the sixties. Has some huge pools and cabanas. Only trouble was there was no real restaurants, just food courts, beach lounges, and a Starbucks. When I was there though it was chilly and rainy. Not that unusual for me. But the ironic part was they were filming Sharknado 3 there and I guess they had extras running toward the big pool. They were calling for extras for the film in the paper. When I was at Universal studios they were also filming there, but as I said it started to rain and I had a reservation for lunch. So I didn't stay to watch. Since I liked a more formal seating went to each of the other hotels on property for suppers and they were quite nice. I think I like the look of Portofino best.

Things started happening when I returned home. I was up finishing a book around midnight when I heard a strange hissing noise. After checking the central heating, the natural gas, I looked into the water. Checked every faucet, pipe, toilet, bathtub, shower, and went outside to check on the faucets. I even rechecked to no avail. I finally broke down at about 1 a.m. and called the utilities. He had me go outside and check the water meter. ( I had checked the wrong one.) So here I am about 1:30 in the morning out by the street, pulling off the top of this meter and sure enough it was spinning like all get out. The man on the phone told me to get a pliers and try to turn it off. Took a flashlight and pliers and was kneeling down in the dirt trying to get my arm in and turn the valve while the flashlight kept rolling away. Unfortunately after the bone marrow transplant and tearing one of my bicep tendon heads, I have a decrease in strength, and couldn't get the darn thing turned off. They did send some poor man out and he got here around 2:00 and got it turned off. Then I had to get in touch with my plumbers on a Friday and they were booked solid. They also needed to get a leak detection guy here to find out where the leak was and he was also booked. Luckily he did work on Saturday and came over and found the leak. Unfortunately it was underneath the new sink and dishwasher. The plumbers could make it here today, but I have been without water for four days and is that ever a difficulty, especially when your on chemo and you need your toilets and sinks. The poor young plumber who is here now is very diligent and we thought he had found it and fixed it, but as luck would have it, there turned out to be two holes. He is working on the second as we speak. Poor guy. He is having to contort himself to get under the concrete slab to get to the holes in the other pipe. The first whole was pinprick size. I am really going to take a hit when I get the bill. One thing I am so pleased about is that they are handling everything, The pest control that has to be done, the concrete replacement and all the other needs. Did call my insurance company this morning on the advise of my agent to get a claim started. We will see how much they cover after the deductible.

So sorry about Leonard Nimoy. Had met with him at a convention in St.Louis in the early days of the con circuit. Deforest Kelley was there and when they got on stage together it was so funny. They just seemed to 'meld' together. They were both fun by themselves, but together so much more fun interaction. the group that I met with for supper on Friday nights all had a toast to him. There was no plomek soup served unfortunaltly... or not.

Well guess I will go see how big the hole under my sink is getting. So hope everyone Lives long and Prospers.

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I have been without water for four days and is that ever a difficulty, especially when your on chemo and you need your toilets and sinks.

Well, chemo or no chemo, it's an awful living situation for anyone with no running water or working toilets for days. I assume you stayed with Steve and Anita, or in a hotel, or some place else for all that time? I know I'd be checking into a hotel if I had to wait for a plumber for four days.

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