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April, come she will
Well, hope that this time when I try to type an entry it doesn't disappear into the ether when I am almost done.
Tried everything I knew to try to recover it, but it didn't happen. Still have no clue as to why it vanished.
So maybe this time it will not do that.

At any rate, I am very pleased that April has arrived. The dogwoods and amyrillis have bloomed. The azealas have mostly finished showing off and the green is on the trees. There is also a bush in my back that is called a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. On the first day the flower is a light purple, then next day turns white to be followed a day later by turning purple again. It has a nice smell too. This time of year, my favorite, the temperature is back up after the winter. Know my friends don't like it when it gets warmer, but for me it is wonderful. Need to have some yard work done and this year, going to work on the backyard flowerbed.

So Easter snuck up on me this year. I never really plan much, but yesterday found some fresh rock Cornish game hens at the grocers. Have a great recipe for the hens in cognac and cream flambé. Served with long grain and wild rice and a small salad, will make for a wonderful repast. I might even have a glass of wine with the meal.
Unfortunately, my friends invited me over for Easter supper and had to turn them down. Single girl rule, never turn down free meals, but had already purchased the ingredients for supper and wouldn't have a chance to cook them until later in the week.

Have to go back to the Bone marrow clinic tomorrow for some more labs. I am hoping my numbers are down since they put me on a second oral chemo drug. Been having some side effects these last three weeks that are affecting my ankle rather badly. A couple of mornings got up and could hardly walk because it was so painful. Not sure what is causing the swelling and the pain as it has happened a few of times before, but was gone in a couple of days. We took x-rays to rule out infection, sepsis, gout or myeloma. All negative. This time it has lasted so much longer and hoping to find out tomorrow if they have any suggestions on any other posibilities.

Just watched the movie Chef last weekend when ann_tara visited. Good movie but a lot of profanity. Not sure why it had so much, because the movie could have been just fine without it. I am used to it in almost all action movies but this was a bit different. Being a foodie though, it made you hungry just watching. Also saw the movie Pride recently and found it very good. It is based on a true story taking place in the 80's in the U.K. The gay and lesbian groups in London decided to support the miners strike that was going on at the time. Some funny scenes and it gave you an idea of what was going on at the time. Would recommend it as well.
Still want to see The Hundred Foot Journey, because I love Meryl Streep. Didn't get great reviews, but I still want to see it.

The Easter bunny is never going to visit me again. I feed an old stray cat, who decided to leave me a baby bunny right outside my sliding glass doors this morning. Mommy bunny is never going forgive me. Don't think the old cat is too happy with me either as I had to glove up and put the dead critter in the garbage. At least this time the 'pressie' (per my cat friends) wasn't partially eaten. The cat sat on the patio table just watching me through the windows. I guess she was wanting praise or something. I am trying not to encourage it.

Well I am going to attempt to post this without it going away again. So Happy Easter to everyone.