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I realize I haven't posted in quite some time. Guess the lazy, rainy days of summer just depletes my resolves to do so. There are quite a few friends I follow on Facebook and lj, so it doesn't seem as if I miss much. I really haven't been all that bad. Just had some medical issues that kept me from doing some things this year. Managed to get to Vegas earlier in June. Unfortunately got a cold on the plane flying there. Thank goodness there was a Walgreens near the hotel and I managed to get some meds and cough drops. In spite of that I enjoyed the escape from routine. Had some wonderful meals while there, two at very nice gourmet restaurants. One place had a Lobster Pot Pie, very good, service impeccable, and even got a panna cotta desert. At another I had a wonderful King Crab Salad that was delicious. Again the service was wonderful. It is nice that now I can eat out by myself without being looked at like I crawled out of the woodwork. In the old days when I went to some medical meetings, and I refused to stay in my hotel room all the time just to eat room service meals I did get some looks. But no one now seems to care about it. I also saw a great show there at the Wynn called Showstoppers. Played a game of Blackjack and they even put a no smoking sign on the table. On the last night there I even won some money on the slot machine. So all in all a good trip.

My friends just returned from North Georgia and North Carolina. Didn't go with them this year as the medical issues kept me here and it was probably wise. The tests I had to have seem have come out with no consequences.
Had a full day in the ER and then had to see a Cardiologist. Turns out she was a doc I used to work with before I retired. Got a nuclear stress test and an Echo. The stress test was negative so that is of the good. Right now I am feeling pretty good (knock on wood) and am hoping that my appointment at the Bone Marrow clinic tomorrow will show that my numbers are down.

I have managed to see more movies this summer than last. I just saw Ant Man this weekend and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I also saw Mr. Holmes. Another good one. A week ago did see the new Terminator movie. It was okay, but same old same old. Checked out Chappie from the redbox and it was a lot different than I thought it would be, but wound up liking it. I was just thinking about movies that made me feel good and I enjoy watching them more than once. So a modest list.

Galaxy Quest. (Always good for a laugh and fun time)
Princess Bride (Wonderful heartwarming movie.)
Sister Act (Don't know why I like this one but I just do)
Ghost ( Great Patrick Swayze movie)
Notting Hill ( Another almost fairy tale story)
Fried Green Tomatoes ( Just loved the whole movie)
Forrest Gump (Great nostalgia for me)
Victor Victoria (Julie and James great pairing. Alex Karras was good as well)
The Music Man ( have to see that on the fourth of July for some reason)
Bull Durham (fun romp)

Avatar (great special effects)
Star Trek The Voyage Home ( special for me, Last time I was with my cousin who was killed in an auto accident)
Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn ( Who can forget KKKAAAHHHNNN!!!)
Star Wars
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney did it well for the time)
The Lion King ( I was immobile when I saw the preview song )
Bambi (I hated Man after that movie)
Lady and the Tramp
Fantasia (The original taught me some wonderful classical music)
Alien (That was one scary movie)
Aliens ( an even better sequel)
Jaws (Makes you worry when in the ocean)
The Bodyguard (Beautiful song good movie)
Driving Miss Daisy ( great acting)

Okay quitting now, since there are more movies than I realized I could watch over again and again. I am going to try to see The Man from Uncle when it comes to town and probably the new Mission Impossible movie. Saw a preview of one called A Walk in the Woods starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte. Wanting to do the Appalacian Trail at their ripe old age.

Guess I better quit blathering and go ahead and post this. I knew there wasn't a whole lot to gab about but wanted people to know I am still here.

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I Miss the Mountains

I'm still catching up on sleep. We didn't get in town, until late Sunday evening. I like your movie list, though I don't like Princess Bride (I know, Momcat says there is something wrong with me not liking that movie)

I'm glad you liked Mr. Holmes I want to see that one. I'm hoping The Man From UNCLE is good too. Is Ant Man worth seeing? Not all the MCU films work for me so I pick and choose the ones I watch. I skipped the last Avengers movie.

Momcat and I will give you all the details of our trip this Friday, if not sooner. We had a great time.

We finally got out to see Ant Man yesterday, and liked it a lot. We liked it way more than Avengers, to be honest. I'm going to try and see Sherlock tomorrow if I can. I'm house-bound today.

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