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Lost the last entry
I tried to post a couple weeks ago. It never seemed to make it to lj. I guess it is floating somewhere out there in cyberspace. I might have done something since they put up this new format. Seems as if everything is changing and it gets hard to keep up.

Anyway going to make this short just to see if it makes it to the general masses.

Had a roof leak the last month and called the people who had put on the new roof. I knew it wasn't very long ago, but couldn't remember the year. It was the time I was having the beginning of my medical issues. At any rate they sent a gentleman out and he said he would give me an estimate and send it to me via e-mail. Couple days later there was a knock on the door and the man who was to fix the roof came early, which was fine. Told him I hadn't received the estimate as yet and he looked it up. Turns out it was still under warrenty. So that was a big win.

Had to break down and get a new printer. Found a really good deal at Best Buy and I had a gift card from Christmas that I used on it. Plus the printer was on sale that day. Now all I have to do is get it hooked up.

Went to lunch yesterday with some friends. Tried a place called the Wahoo Seafood Grill. Hadn't been there in many months. My friend and I shared some crab legs and she got some fried green tomatoes that were very different. They had a pimento cheese melted on top and crab meat as well. There were four large ones. I didn't care for them as they were very rich and to me, the pimento overpowered the dish. But Sporangia liked them.

Okay gonna try to post this now. Maybe this time.