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Now it is November.
Guess I should try to post again. I haven't been as good about it, but am trying to get back on it.
It has been a bad week for me. Fighting a virus and I am so ready for it to be gone. Had to go to the E.R. last week. Won't be doing that again soon. Just wanted to check and make sure there was no pneumonia creeping up on me like one time. After being there for six hours and getting a chest x-ray and a P.A. listening to my heart and lungs. thought I was done. She decided that we should get some blood work and a urine specimen. So I supposed we were going to get it then....but no. Another two hours without anyone coming, I gave them the urine specimen and then told them I was leaving. The chest x-ray was fine. Not doing that again anytime soon.

Did get down to Orlando for the Epcot Food and Wine Fair. Met ann-tara there and we had a nice day. I really didn't overeat. Had three items on Friday, none on Saturday, then another three with ann-tara. It was a nice day and enjoyable.

Am going to attend a memorial service this month for a good friend of mine. She was the mom of one of my friends here in town and always treated me like a daughter. She was 91 but still, I will miss her and a lot of the good times we had going to many places. Took me to the Space Center where her husband had worked before he retired. And was always doing something for people. After her husband passed away, she volunteered at the Hopice where they had taken care of him.

So happy with my team. Go Gators. It is such a pleasant surprise that after being dismissed early in the season, they have played with heart and pride. Right now, though, they sure could use a kicker. There was a general call out for tryouts. Guess this new coach has been a good and pleasant surprise.

Haven't been to any new movies in a few weeks. Going to see Spectre when it comes out. Might have to wait until the second week. Did love the Martian. I had read the book and the movie did it justice. Matt Damon was a good choice as the lead. Will think about buying the DVD when it comes out. There is a couple I am a bit interested in, but might wait until they get released on DVD.

Well not much else going on right now. Just waiting for my health to improve. So have a great November.

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I want to see Spectre SO BADLY, but I'll be waiting a week or two as well. I like to be able to listen and concentrate, not get distracted by cellphones and chatter in a crammed full theatre.

I hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like an all too typical Florida ER visit. Been there, done that, more than once.

I want to see Spectre too, but if we can't go on Sunday, I may have to wait a couple weeks until I get back from Pasadena.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

I'm probably coming up with Rick for the Gator game on Saturday. We'll see.

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