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Post Turkey Day
Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was enjoyable and full of friends and family. I was lucky enough to be invited over to a friends and her family. We had a wonderful meal full of traditional food and appetizers. I managed to eat too much again, though not as bad as last year. Did come home in a state of tryptophan lethargy and just slugged out in front of t.v. Had a book to read, but only picked it up once I think. I had been busy the day before and had accomplished a lot of decorating for Christmas and it did wear me out a bit. Am still getting over a bad virus that slammed me for three weeks, then right after I was starting to recover from that, got food poisoning.
Didn't eat for two days. So now am trying to eat a bit more to gain some weight and also do more to build back up on my stamina. So this Thanksgiving food fest was most appreciated. Brought my piece of pumpkin pie home but didn't eat it until late. Think I was still full then.

Finished decorating the house for Christmas so got that behind me. Still am going to try to have my Christmas Eve get together with my friends. It has become expected and it is always enjoyable. Though it is a lot of work. When I was younger and healthier, I used to really get into it. I still do, but have toned it down a lot.

At any rate just wanted to hop on and wish everyone Good Times ahead and celebrate the season however you wish.

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Happy Post-Thanksgiving to you too! I was going to try and post to LJ today, but got behind. I'll make a concerted effort this weekend.

We did the big family dinner at Christine's (she lives off Millhopper Road). I think she's going to be the one who will host most of these gatherings from now on, and that's fine with me.

We started Christmas decorating today. I got what I could do in the house before hitting the storage unit, which will probably be tomorrow. Rick is getting a lot of the outside decorations up. Lots to do!

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