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Another Christmas
Well, Christmas has come and gone. All in all it was a very good one. I had my traditional Christmas Eve gathering with all my friends who have nutured and assisted me through all my chemo and bone marrow transplant.
Had the usual ham and roasted turkey as well a smoked salmon, meatballs, chicken wings, chips and dip, various cheeses and lots of cookies and candies. Needless to say, I was satiated. Then most of us sat around and opened our gifts. It was nice and we didn't stay up awfully late. People did remain and helped me police up the place, so I didn't have a ton to do the next few days. I am happy to say I am not as obsessive about getting everything cleaned up immediately so I did take a couple of days to make the place presentable again.

On Christmas Day went over to another of my friends home and had a wonderful dinner of Prime Rib, potatoes, salad and other goodies. I bought some Mousse Truffle Pate and Shrimp to take over as appetizers and they did hit the spot. Did bring a nice bottle of wine as well.

On Sunday, I met with a lot of my friends to go see Star Wars. I did like it, and saw where it was headed and wasn't to surprised by what happened. Know there were a lot of things Abrams left that will be in the next film. I do hate cliffhangers, but this did have some resolutions. I got two gift cards to Regal Cinemas so am going to have to start seeing more movies this year.

It seems as if every year things are pretty slow until mid November and all of a sudden there are parties, dinners, get togethers and other things that are on the schedule. I am meeting an old racketball partner tonight for supper. Tomorrow night I am taking another friend for her Christmas supper since she doesn't usually want stuff. Then on Thursday, I will be meeting with two old roomates who let me stay with them while I was attending my anesthesia training. One lady will be here from North Carolina and the other lives in a small town just down the road, but she is so busy taking care of her ex husband who has Parkinson's, her dogs, and her horses. She is one busy woman, but when we get back together at least once a year, it's just like we haven't been apart. It is a great feeling. We all just gab away and have some laughs.

Really don't plan to do anything New Year's Eve. Will probably make a decent supper and pour a glass of bubbly and watch the ball drop at midnight. Sometimes in our neighborhood people do set off fireworks but not always.
I just don't like getting out with all the 'crazies' on New Year's Eve. Especially in a college town. It is insane enough on football weekends.

I am looking forward to going to a convention soon. It will be a nice get away and a fun time too. Going with some friends who are driving up and we will all meet there. Not sure what all we will be doing but I am sure there will be something to occupy us. I have an Open Table gift certificate so may look up some restaurants to see if there are any that are near the hotel. Not sure if it will be amenable to everyone, since I am not sure of what is on the schedule at the convention.

I am doing much better now. Had some issues in October and November with colds, viruses, and food poisoning. It turns out that my chemo drugs had dropped my white count to unacceptable levels and that was why I seemed to be catching everything and having a hard time getting better. But I went in for an IVIG infusion (that sucker lasted six hours) and it did seem to help. Also they held off my meds for about 10 days. I am back on them now but so far doing okay. And the good news is that the meds, did kick my cancer numbers down..so that was a big win.

Anyway hope everyone has a happy new year. Don't forget to eat some black-eyed peas and hide some money so you will have a happy 2016.

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I'm glad to hear the IV treatment worked and you're feeling much better. Got to be tip top for our Jacksonville trip!

Talk to you soon. Happy New Year!

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