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ready for summer now.
Know the people up in the northeast, Midwest and over on the West Coast are getting the most horrible weather, but I can't stand the cold. Although most of my friends think it is only mild when the temps are in the 50's.
It has been even colder than that here the last few mornings, much colder, and I am turning into a little blue dot. We have lower temps and possibly heavy rain due this weekend. I am already bundled up. Brrr. But when I see the film of the weather in other places, I am so glad I am a girl of the south.

Had a very pleasant weekend with ann_tara and her friend L. We went to a Supernatural convention. They are both big Jensen Ackles fans and he was there along with most of the other stars. He is definitely a cutie. The first day we were there, L had found out about a famous candy shop not to far away. We walked over there and checked out the place. It was in a restored three story home and they had all kinds of candy. On the way in there was what looked like an old soda fountain shop. We went in before we left, but it turned out to be a bar. Ann-tara and I split a dessert and L had a cocktail. It was made using pop rocks and when she poured it into the glass those rocks really did pop. That night there wasn't a lot going on at the con so we went out to a great restaurant called Bistro Aix. I think all of us enjoyed our meal. There was a lot going on Saturday and Sunday so we didn't get out as much. Did walk over to the Landing which wasn't very far and had lunch at an Irish Pub on Saturday.
The rest of the day we listened to the stars talk and answer questions. Sunday was the big day with Jensen, Misha, and Jared all there. We got to go in early with our tickets to see J & J. They were sure entertaining and always appear very grateful to all their fans. Ann_tara got me a great Christmas present. It was a photo op with Jensen and Misha, who are my two favorites. Even though I wasn't quite ready when the picture was taken, it turned out all right. I already have it framed and sitting between the two separate pictures of Jensen and Misha I had made almost 5 years ago at the other con I attended in L.A.

The only glitch, and it was a big one, was when everyone was trying to leave on Monday. It was MLK day and the only street out of the hotel to reach the various interstates was blocked off. I couldn't believe the lack of city planning that allowed that. I sat there forever, while a couple of police directing cars were only letting about two go at a time, then there was another long wait. There was a huge line even after me. Then after that, the way for me to go turned out to be also blocked off! A gentleman walked me through two parking lots to get me to a one-way street to get out. What should have taken only about five minutes to get out took me an hour and a half. I was not happy.

Back home I managed to get a number of errands accomplished so that when I went for my appointment at the Bone Marrow Clinic I didn't have to run around afterwards. For the good news, the cancer numbers are down, but for the bad news, the White blood count, red blood count, and platelets are all very low. I have to stop the chemo for now and go in for the IVIG infusion next week and then back for more labs then for another IVIG infusion. I thought the last one did some good since I wasn't catching every bug that was out there like I did in October and November. But guess not. I do get a little more fatigued of late, but rather have that. I am going to try to go to Tai Chi tomorrow. I think it helps loosen me up and build up my stamina. I usually do some treadmill and weights afterwards. Have to see about that tomorrow.

So that was how things have been going since I last posted. Hope everyone who reads this is doing well.

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I'm so glad you had a good time at the SPN con! And wow, a pic with Jensen and Misha? Woot!

I haven't been to the SPN con here in Chicago in several years but I broke down the other day and bought a one day ticket for Sunday because Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be there. Also bought a photo with him.

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