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A beautiful day
Well, I am going to try this again. I had almost finished an entire post when it just suddenly disappeared into to cyberspace. I bet you could hear me screaming at the computer from wherever you were. This has happened to me at least three times here and also when answering or posting e-mails. Don't know why but I can't ever find them again. So now that a couple of days have passed and I won't be tempted to smash the computer, I am going to post. As I had said in the first missive, it has been a beautiful week here. The sky is blue, and temps are in the high 70's to low 80's. I even got to get out and do some needed yard work this last weekend. The winds did manage to blow a lot of detritus all over. So I got up most of the branches, twigs and weeds off and out of the lawn. The azaelas are in bloom and mine are pink, reddish, and white. And the birds are hanging out at the bird bath. So I am already getting the urge to roam. However, won't be able to do that for awhile.

Just had cataract surgery a few weeks ago and the result was so good I am going to have the other one done as soon as I can. For the first time, when I wake up I can see my feet. At least out of the one eye. After having that one done, it is apparent that the other needs surgery as well. I will have to coordinate it with my docs at the Bone Marrow Clinic. I go in there soon and will see if my labs are still good and whether I will need to be off the chemo meds for a week like the last time. When I get the other done I will only need reading glasses. Never knew how good it would be to see to drive, or watch t.v. or movies without having to wear glasses.

Went out and cleaned up the screen porch this weekend. The stray cat I feed (just call me softy) had shed so much fur all over the patio furniture and had tracked sand in as well. So table and placemats to be cloroxed off and the chairs as well. Now I need to get some help to put a couple of the chairs back together. The pvc pipe came off the chair and to glue and put it back requires some muscle. Going to see if my neighbor will be able to assist. Both he and his wife have helped me with a few tasks on occasion and are so sweet. I hate to ask them to help very often, but every once in awhile I have to. But I try to repay their kindness.

Still haven't managed to go see Deadpool as yet. Seems like every time I think I am going something else comes up. That Zootopia looks as if it might be a fun little movie. Haven't seen an animated movie in awhile. Might try to see that. And when Batman vs Superman is released will try to see that one as well.

I am still loving the t.v. show Lucifer. It is the most interesting new one I have seen for awhile. And I do like Gotham, Major Crimes, Flash, Sleepy Hollow and Top Chef. But it seems as if, a show just starts up again and it is already having it's finale. Gets a little frustrating.

Went out and voted today. Although the words rock and hard place kept popping into my mind. This election is such a cluster F.... The Republican party has no credibility for me at all and if they nominate an meglomaniacal, opinionated, name calling person, the U.S. will lose all credibility it has in the world. Just my opinion.

Better stop typing now and post before it disappears like the last time. So hope everyone is having a nice spring and getting ready to 'spring forward'. Do like more daylight wish they would settle on just one all the time.