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This Memorial Day, in a word, sucked. Woke up at 4:30 to hear running water. After checking all the sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, had to go outside to check the outdoor faucets. Nothing. So dug out the water meter and sure enough, the dial is spinning like the proverbial top. Had to get a wrench and managed to turn the water off. But then, Memorial Day, when people want to have some down time, I needed to get a gentleman over to do a leak detection. Unfortunately, for me, he found several. So when the plumbers came over the next day, it turns out I have to have the house replumbed. And let me tell you, it isn't cheap. But the people who came over are really great and were not going to be able to start until Monday the 6th. However after explaining my situation, they did rearrange their schedule so they started here today. It takes about a week to do the whole house and let me tell you, not having water is a huge hassle. Having to fill my utility sink and water bottles in order to have water to flush toilets, wash your hands, brush your teeth and, at least, be able to microwave water for coffee, keeps one running. And with me on the chemo drugs, it does wear one down a bit. Found out that insurance won't cover any of this since it is considered maintenance. I will need to go over to the bank today and transfer some money to my checking account. Just trying to be grateful for the fact that I have been saving so I won't have to take out a huge loan or anything. But it sure puts a damper on the start of summer.

Did go to get new labs at the Bone Marrow Clinic yesterday. My doc was concerned that some of the meds I am taking are causing my counts to be low. A couple of weeks ago they got to a point that the dosage on some meds were decreased to try to combat the problem. But then, since the dosage changed, the insurance company need another prior approval the okay the new dosage. It was ridiculous. It was the same drug I had been taking just a lower amount and not for as many days. They took so long, there was a weeks delay in getting my meds. I am now just trying to chill and look for something for which to be optimistic.

Did have a nice Saturday. A couple, who are good friends of mine, their son graduated from high school. I have known him since he was born. We all went out to this great restaurant about 30 minutes from here. It is owned by an Italian and he is also a great chef. My meal was paid for even though I tried to buy the wine, I was outvoted. I had a wonderful fettucini with seafood in a wine sauce of some kind. There was shrimp, mussels, clams, fish, octopus to name some of the goodies. The chef also prepared a special appetizer that was an octopus salad and very tender. Even had dessert. Came home stuffed.

Haven't really done anything exciting since I was told to avoid infection, so mostly hanging around the house. Did finally go see the Captain America movie. Thought it was okay, though I think I am getting a little super hero burnout. Am wanting to go see the Nice Guys as it looks like it will be a romp. Do like something different once in awhile. And I imagine I will go see Finding Dory. Love the first one so this should be fun also. Went to see The Jungle Book last month and thought it was great. Amazing CGI and I still like the story. Kipling was one of my favorite authors when I was young. "And of course, looking forward to the next Star Trek movie. Saw an interview with Karl Urban and it made me want to see it even more.

Well best go hit the bank and take care of business. Hope everyone is having a good start to the summer.

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I've been meaning to set up for a replumb the last two or three years, and keep putting it off. I want to do it before I'm forced to do it, especially since several people in the neighborhood have already gone through it. It's hard right now with a full house, though. Whenever The Sibling moves out I'd like to go ahead and schedule it, and hope nothing breaks before that. I already knew insurance considered that to be maintenance and wouldn't pay for anything. I've had the money in the bank for a while.

Anyway, sorry you have to go through it, and I know you'll be glad when it's done.

It is ridiculous how expensive plumbing can be. I am so sorry you had to get all of that done in your house. I hope that's it for your house woes for a good while.

And i didn't get to see The Jungle Book in the theater, but i still really want to see it. Everyone says it was fantastic :)

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