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Still here
I know I haven't posted in almost a year, but the last time I did only got two replies and those were from people I talk to all the time. Was hoping to see a few more. It seems as if a lot of people have left LJ and gone elsewhere since there is a problem with the Russians who run or get into it or something. I do miss seeing posts from some of my favorite people with whom I have made contact. One lady from Chicago has an extremely interesting and active life and I do try to respond to any of her posts. When my friend was working on my computer she put me on Facebook and I am able to find some friends there.
Anyway if there is anyone who remembers me out there....HI. I know my friends will see this...I think. Hope everyone is having a good life.

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I know, it's a bummer that so many people have left LJ. I still like the format a lot, and I miss the days people posted here. Facebook isn't the same - I really can't talk about a lot of stuff there where family can see.

Hey there! I have indeed left LJ for the most part. Posting, at least. I still scan my friends list every so often. I've moved over to Dreamwidth if you'd still like to read about what I'm up to. :-)


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