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Musings and ramblings
Cannot believe that May is about 'done and gone' already. It has been an up and down month with my foot acting up and no one can figure out why. It isn't great to wake up and limp around going 'ow, ow, ow with every step. But nothing shows up in the blood work, on x-ray or even on an MRI I had at 11 p.m. one night. Next up is a rheumatology consult but not until late July. The good news is my cancer numbers have come down, though the platelets, RBC's and White counts are down. Still, I am doing pretty well and I want to continue to improve so am trying to get back to Tai Chi and today walked 2 miles on the treadmill. Consider that a big win.

Had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Got together with the Friends on Friday and went out for supper. Had a very nice salad and an appetizer of crab cakes. Most everyone else got the 'slider 5 oz hambuger. On Saturday met the girls and we agreed to get together Sunday night instead of the actual Memorial Day. I hadn't had a group over since Christmas eve because of the health issues, but decided it was time. I made sloppy joes, white acre peas, fresh white corn on the cob, and we had a nice salad. Momcat brought over a raspberry and a peach sorbet that we had later. Before that we rewatched Galaxy Quest which we hadn't seen in a long time. Forgot how much I liked that movie. I think that was the general consensus of opinion by everyone. On Monday I drove over to look at the memorial display put on by some of the veterans. They place small tombstones all along a park showing all the losses that have occurred to our troops since the early Desert Storm to now. It is quite moving to see how much sacrifice our people have made.

Been watching all the flooding and rains in Texas. I used to live right outside Houston and know how quickly that area can be inundated with water. There were times that, even after a big thunderstorm, one couldn't drive on the roads due to them being submerged. Remember a time when my Mom had to be boated out as my Dad was at work and couldn't get back to her over the roads. Feel so bad for all those people. I think Mother Nature is getting back at us.

While having breakfast and reading the paper on a leisurely morning, looked out the window and there were all sorts of birds trying to get into the birdbath. There were cardinals, chicadees, bluebirds and a couple I didn't recognize. Usually the cardinals are bit of bullies and scare the others off, but there was actually some sharing going on. A couple of wrens keep trying to get on my porch to build a nest. Have had to get rid of it three times! I leave the screen door partially opened for the stray cat I feed and she was just sitting there looking at them. Probably thinking "Oh goody, appetizers."

Think I have seen most of the finale's from the T.V, shows I watch. Liked the Flash, Gotham, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Marvel A of S, among others. Didn't like that I have to wait for some continuations, like the Blacklist, but knew there would be some. Supernatural had to have one of course.
I am happy that Major Crimes is coming back on soon. Will have to see if any summer shows turn out to be good.

The other night, I watch The Hundred Foot Journey that I checked out from the Library. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I always like Helen Mirren but didn't know any of the rest of the cast. There were some scenes I didn't expect and the whole show just made me feel good. If one like the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I was told this reminded them of it. For me, not so much, just one I liked.

Summertime temperatures and afternoon rains are now starting. We do need the rain in my neighborhood and I am trying only to water on the days allotted to our street. Going to have a big landscaping job done in just over a week. My back flower bed is really in need of redoing. So getting some new plants, mulch, and shrubs put where others have died or are doing badly. Lost a small palm due to the freeze we had back in the winter. Don't usually have temps that go down into the low 20's for as long as these did. So they are going to put a new small palm in to replace the one that is beginning to look as if I am growing straw.

Well, hope everyone is going to have a great summer and enjoys the beach, mountains, or cities where the vacations occur.

April, come she will
Well, hope that this time when I try to type an entry it doesn't disappear into the ether when I am almost done.
Tried everything I knew to try to recover it, but it didn't happen. Still have no clue as to why it vanished.
So maybe this time it will not do that.

At any rate, I am very pleased that April has arrived. The dogwoods and amyrillis have bloomed. The azealas have mostly finished showing off and the green is on the trees. There is also a bush in my back that is called a yesterday, today and tomorrow plant. On the first day the flower is a light purple, then next day turns white to be followed a day later by turning purple again. It has a nice smell too. This time of year, my favorite, the temperature is back up after the winter. Know my friends don't like it when it gets warmer, but for me it is wonderful. Need to have some yard work done and this year, going to work on the backyard flowerbed.

So Easter snuck up on me this year. I never really plan much, but yesterday found some fresh rock Cornish game hens at the grocers. Have a great recipe for the hens in cognac and cream flambé. Served with long grain and wild rice and a small salad, will make for a wonderful repast. I might even have a glass of wine with the meal.
Unfortunately, my friends invited me over for Easter supper and had to turn them down. Single girl rule, never turn down free meals, but had already purchased the ingredients for supper and wouldn't have a chance to cook them until later in the week.

Have to go back to the Bone marrow clinic tomorrow for some more labs. I am hoping my numbers are down since they put me on a second oral chemo drug. Been having some side effects these last three weeks that are affecting my ankle rather badly. A couple of mornings got up and could hardly walk because it was so painful. Not sure what is causing the swelling and the pain as it has happened a few of times before, but was gone in a couple of days. We took x-rays to rule out infection, sepsis, gout or myeloma. All negative. This time it has lasted so much longer and hoping to find out tomorrow if they have any suggestions on any other posibilities.

Just watched the movie Chef last weekend when ann_tara visited. Good movie but a lot of profanity. Not sure why it had so much, because the movie could have been just fine without it. I am used to it in almost all action movies but this was a bit different. Being a foodie though, it made you hungry just watching. Also saw the movie Pride recently and found it very good. It is based on a true story taking place in the 80's in the U.K. The gay and lesbian groups in London decided to support the miners strike that was going on at the time. Some funny scenes and it gave you an idea of what was going on at the time. Would recommend it as well.
Still want to see The Hundred Foot Journey, because I love Meryl Streep. Didn't get great reviews, but I still want to see it.

The Easter bunny is never going to visit me again. I feed an old stray cat, who decided to leave me a baby bunny right outside my sliding glass doors this morning. Mommy bunny is never going forgive me. Don't think the old cat is too happy with me either as I had to glove up and put the dead critter in the garbage. At least this time the 'pressie' (per my cat friends) wasn't partially eaten. The cat sat on the patio table just watching me through the windows. I guess she was wanting praise or something. I am trying not to encourage it.

Well I am going to attempt to post this without it going away again. So Happy Easter to everyone.

February into March
Okay, the last few days of February were not bad. Had found a great deal for on property Universal hotel. I had never stayed there since they were so expensive. Always found better deals at Disney. Stayed at Cabana Beach, which is their newest hotel. It is a retro place from the sixties. Has some huge pools and cabanas. Only trouble was there was no real restaurants, just food courts, beach lounges, and a Starbucks. When I was there though it was chilly and rainy. Not that unusual for me. But the ironic part was they were filming Sharknado 3 there and I guess they had extras running toward the big pool. They were calling for extras for the film in the paper. When I was at Universal studios they were also filming there, but as I said it started to rain and I had a reservation for lunch. So I didn't stay to watch. Since I liked a more formal seating went to each of the other hotels on property for suppers and they were quite nice. I think I like the look of Portofino best.

Things started happening when I returned home. I was up finishing a book around midnight when I heard a strange hissing noise. After checking the central heating, the natural gas, I looked into the water. Checked every faucet, pipe, toilet, bathtub, shower, and went outside to check on the faucets. I even rechecked to no avail. I finally broke down at about 1 a.m. and called the utilities. He had me go outside and check the water meter. ( I had checked the wrong one.) So here I am about 1:30 in the morning out by the street, pulling off the top of this meter and sure enough it was spinning like all get out. The man on the phone told me to get a pliers and try to turn it off. Took a flashlight and pliers and was kneeling down in the dirt trying to get my arm in and turn the valve while the flashlight kept rolling away. Unfortunately after the bone marrow transplant and tearing one of my bicep tendon heads, I have a decrease in strength, and couldn't get the darn thing turned off. They did send some poor man out and he got here around 2:00 and got it turned off. Then I had to get in touch with my plumbers on a Friday and they were booked solid. They also needed to get a leak detection guy here to find out where the leak was and he was also booked. Luckily he did work on Saturday and came over and found the leak. Unfortunately it was underneath the new sink and dishwasher. The plumbers could make it here today, but I have been without water for four days and is that ever a difficulty, especially when your on chemo and you need your toilets and sinks. The poor young plumber who is here now is very diligent and we thought he had found it and fixed it, but as luck would have it, there turned out to be two holes. He is working on the second as we speak. Poor guy. He is having to contort himself to get under the concrete slab to get to the holes in the other pipe. The first whole was pinprick size. I am really going to take a hit when I get the bill. One thing I am so pleased about is that they are handling everything, The pest control that has to be done, the concrete replacement and all the other needs. Did call my insurance company this morning on the advise of my agent to get a claim started. We will see how much they cover after the deductible.

So sorry about Leonard Nimoy. Had met with him at a convention in St.Louis in the early days of the con circuit. Deforest Kelley was there and when they got on stage together it was so funny. They just seemed to 'meld' together. They were both fun by themselves, but together so much more fun interaction. the group that I met with for supper on Friday nights all had a toast to him. There was no plomek soup served unfortunaltly... or not.

Well guess I will go see how big the hole under my sink is getting. So hope everyone Lives long and Prospers.

Almost February
Well this month is almost history. I have been playing a lot of catch up on celebrating, birthdays and belated Christmas times. I caught a cold on Christmas day and missed meeting with some friends for supper and gift exchange so am now trying to get that done. Of course it means drawing out the fun times which is just fine.
Yesterday I celebrated at Red Lobster and my friends not only gave me my gifts but also bought me lunch. Can't beat that. Tonight I am going to go to a place called Sabore which is a very nice tapas/entrée restaurant. It is both a birthday and Christmas dinner. Looking forward to it since the last time I was there had a wonderful lobster bisque. It is a nicely appointed place as well, with a menu that is on a kindle like device where you can call up the menu items and get a picture and description of the food. Think the birthday girl will like it.
Last week my neighbor and I went out for a very belated birthday. We buy each other our dinners as a gift. Of course our natal days were last November. But, hey, the anticipation of a good meal is always welcome. Took another birthday lady out to Bonefish Grill at the first of January. She hardly ever gets to have a nice dinner since her birthday is January 2nd. But she had a great time and enjoyed her meal. Got some friends coming in from down south next week and they want to meet for lunch. They have turned vegetarian and I am trying to find a place that will accommodate all of us. I am a carnivore and need my dose of protein at least once a week. Love seafood and sushi so might go to an Asian Fusion restaurant. So as you can see I have been a culinary eating machine lately.

Feel so sorry for the people up in Mass. and Maine. It looks terrible there. I just about can't take temps under 70 anymore. Just watching the blizzard, wind and blowing snow made me remember some hard and frigid times when I lived in Colorado, Missouri and Illinois. Never want that again. I remember having to pour alcohol over car door handles to get into them. And having to try to chop ice off the windshield to get enough of an opening to see. Seeing those cars buried up there so reminded me of that. Ick poo!

Been trying to catch up on shows I have recorded. Now warming up to Gotham, but it took awhile. It is just a dark show. Like the Flash, cause it is fun as well as having likable characters. Glad Justified has started again, but so sad that it is the last season. The stories and people, even the secondary actors, seem to have great parts to play. Still watching Sleepy Hollow and that is a surprise to me, since when I first saw it advertised thought- Say What. But the two Witnesses just gel together. It always provides a bit of a chuckle along with the ever present horror aspects. Think Supernatural this season is quite good. With the issue of the Mark of Cain on Dean, it makes it even more interesting. The show Forever is one that I am following and do like it. Of course Ion makes it an attractive show. Still like Criminal Minds, Grimm, and some of the food channels cooking show. Just about finished watching Top Chef Boston. Try to pick up some of their techniques and tricks to utilize when I cook (which isn't as often as I used to).

My computer friend put me on Facebook a few months back and am trying to follow it a little more closely now. I haven't posted anything (not really sure how to do it) but I do reply to a lot of friends posts and enjoy looking at some of the videos that are there. Sure are a lot of cat/kitten vids. Like the dog and puppy ones too. There is usually something funny on it and it makes for a less stressful read that some of the news that is in the paper or online.

Think I am going to try making a spice cake next month. Getting inspiration from a 'baker' on lj who makes the most delicious looking mini bundt cakes. Have to try to come up with a light glaze, maybe a spice sugar one with cinnamon and candied pecans. Have to get energized enough to do it, then find someone with whom to share it. I am still eating more sweets than I ever did before and am able to keep up on my weight, though it isn't what it was before the chemo and transplant, but I am happy with it.

Well, closing now. I wanted to do just happy talk on this post without any negative vibes and hopefully this works.

A brand new year
Yep, hard to believe it is already 2015. And of course, being January, it is already cold all across the nation. Did I ever mention how much I hate the cold. Oh well, it shouldn't last more than a couple of months down here. That is why I am not up North in all the blizzard conditions. I noted on last night's news that they are not referring to it as a Polar Vortex, but instead a Polar Plunge. Not sure that I see that much of a difference. Just glad I don't have to get out and scrape ice off car windows, or shovel snow, or try to drive to work on the icy, slippery streets.

Am trying to recover from a Christmas cold and it is taking a bit of time. I know of three other of my friends that also became ill with it after Christmas. I called one of them yesterday and she sounded so bad, it prompted me to try to get ahold of her daughter. They wound up taking her to the ER. Suspect they gave her IV's and perhaps some medications to help her fight it. Went out with a friend I used to play racketball with and he had also taken ill with this bug that is going around. Just hoping it will run it's course for everyone soon. Hopefully no one else comes down with it. I am glad I did get my flu shot this year though it isn't as effective on this year's strain as the ones in the past.

Have to go back to the Bone Marrow clinic tomorrow to get labs drawn. We are trying to get my count down again and I have to return once a month again instead of being off for three months. It is a bummer, but guess it could be worse. Unfortunately I have to get up early (at least in my opinion) again. Had the a.c. heating guys over on Tuesday at 08:30 and naturally he was early. Then this morning had an early appointment to get my car serviced. Though it was better today as my neighbor came with me and we went to breakfast instead of me having to wait at the car shop. Went to Perkins and I had the one Egg Benedict that is on the senior menu. It is just the right amount and the hollandaise sauce is very good.

Have made it to a couple of movies so far this year. Finally saw the Hobbit, that a friend of mine loves. I am more lukewarm about it. Can't see the necessity of making one smallish book into three movies. And did get tired of all the battles going on. Then we saw Into the Woods, which I enjoyed. Not sure about the others. The ending wasn't what I thought it was going to be, though I think it was more interesting. The other movie that looks like it will be good is Birdman. Heard someone on the radio say it was the best movie he had ever seen.Think a lot of people are liking the Imitation Game, but it sounds a bit depressing to me. They should have hailed Turning as a hero, not arrested him for his orientation.

Finally got all my Christmas decorations put away. Had to do it a little at a time since I was down and out for the four days after Christmas Eve. And for some reason it seems to take a longer time to put them away than when you pull them out to get them set up. Guess it is because the house doesn't have the glitzy, lighted rooms after the decorations are down. Back to the old homestead. Need to get Stanley Steamer over to clean the family room and dining room carpets. Had a number of people over and it rained for the three days prior to and on the eve of the get together. Needless to say the rooms need a good cleaning.

Still feeding the stray cat that has taken up residence on my back porch. The damn, dumb, cat keeps leaving me 'pressies' out there. How the devil, this cat managed to catch and partially eat a full grown rabbit is beyond me. It was as big as she was. And I had to get gloves, and a plastic bag out there to pick it up and put it in the trash. Then had to clean the blood off the tiles. Don't think the DDC was too pleased that I didn't keep it or something.

Well hope everyone is getting a good start to the New year and good times will be had by all.

Back up on the computer.
Finally got my computer redone and it seems to be working again. It took a bit for lj to get back on line but now it seems to be okay.
Had big Christmas eve party that I try to do once a year. Used to do three parties a year, but now I am limited about how many I can Schedule. Had Mardi Gras parties, and 4th of July get togethers, but after the transplant it takes a lot out of me. Was out shopping for this one for four days, trying to divide up all the purchases and order ham and turkey. We had a very nice table and a lot of food. People brought chicken wings, crudities, veggie salads and cole slaw.. I had some cocktail shrimp and another person brought some crab claws. Another friend of mine is a great cookie maker and she brought a bunch over for us to share. Trouble is there were about 18 people here and by the time we passed out presents and cleaned up a little bit, I didn't get to bed until 2 in the morning. Then I woke up about 5, coughing, feverish, and achey. So I have been fighting a cold ever since. I have to watch it closely because one time it morphed into pneumonia. Right now I have had to cancel a nice dinner I was supposed to attend tonight. One lady is 91 and another has had a mastectomy and chemo, so we didn't want to expose them. So it's going to be pizza tonight.

Want to see some movies in the coming weeks. Still haven't seen the Hobbit as yet. A friend called yesterday to invite me to come, but didn't leave the house. I do want to see Into the Woods and a couple of others. Not sure about Big Eyes, or Unbroken, but might take a chance.

Got some gift cards this year which is really all I want, so I have them to the movies, restaurants, and department stores. Figure I will get better deals now that it is after Christmas. Want to hit bed bath and beyond for the once every six month sale. Try to get lotion and the foaming soap. It just leaves less of a mess than bar soap or the gel type. Don't know when I will get out to do the shopping but hopefully soon.

I am supposed to meet the nurses group on Tuesday to do out Christmas exchange. We couldn't find a time before Christmas but this will be fine. Maybe by that time I will be better.

Going to close now and crash for awhile. Have a great New Year and enjoy a bubbly toast.

Had a major computer issue a couple of weeks ago. After going through AT&T over the phone for quite some time, twice, and running speed tests, found out my download speed was only at 0.6. I am supposed to have high speed.
At any rate I finally found out some malwear had infected the computer. A friend of mine who is great at computers took it home and cleaned out the whole system and reinserted the hard drive or something like that.
So now I can log on without it taking dial up kind of time. When I try to get to my friends page on my lj though I am unable to connect for some reason. So I am trying a quick post to see if my friends on my list get this.

Also had my garage door opener go on the fritz. It wouldn't go all the way down or up. And when I held the button to get it down, smoke started pouring from the motor housing. Needless to say, I did not need that kind of bill right before Christmas. But at least it is working now and guess I should not complain since it was 21 years old.

Hope everyone is going to have a nice Christmas and that it is stress free. I told all my friends I didn't want more stuff, since I am giving so many items to Hospice or Salvation Army. Found out that the Animal Control place likes small knick knack items to sell to raise money. Going to try to get them a few things before the season is over as well.

Going to halt now and hopefully my 'friends' on lj will at least see my post and be able to respond.

Another month slipping past
Gads, it seems as it time is going at warp speed this year. Of course if there is nothing new or just really boring to others it doesn't seem like a it behooves you to do so. Now letting some weeks go by there are a few new items to speak on.

Did get the okay from the bone marrow clinic to go over to the beach and get back into the ocean for the first time in over 5 years. I used to love boogie boarding and body surfing in the waves. Of course when a old lady gets out there the 'youngun's tend to stare a bit. Don't care. The fun part was when they gave me the go ahead to get in the water, the addendum was to try to avoid the sun. HUH? Of course me being tsunami Sherry, the first two days over there it rained Thundered/lightning the first night and rained all day the second. It finally cleared up on the last day I was there and it was beautiful. Did managed to get out in the ocean and body surf for about 25 minutes or so. Couse when you body surf you get as many waves going up your nasal cavities as you do propelling you through the water. Just a free nasal saline lavage in my opinion. I naturally did a lot of eating being the foodie that I am. Having trouble with some seasonings though and have to watch what I ingest. Did have some wonderful crab legs that were supposed to be only one crab segment but wound up being two and rather large at that. This after a small salad. I did not want to insult the cook so I ate them both. Such a sacrifice. And of course had to hit my favorite restaurant for their seafood crepe with lobster, shrimp and scallops in a spinach cream sauce. The chef even put a beautiful flower branch decoration on the plate. Almost ate that as well.

Then a couple of weeks ago a friend of mine wished to go to Disney to see Animal Kingdom again. Unfortunately for her it turned out to be quite hot. In the 90's and there is a lot of walking there. The first day I had to go to Downtown Disney to renew my passport and Tables in Wonderland card. She had to take a rest and cool down. We did have a nice lunch over at Reglan Road and got to see the Irish musicians and dancers. They apparently perform evenings and for Sunday brunch. Both of us had a very nice Salmon Dish. I had a salad with orange segments, sliced almonds, mixed greens and salmon with a champagne citris vingerette.
She had the grilled salmon with mashed potatoes and a vegetable. I also love the dark soda bread they serve there. They give you some oil and a maple syrup to dip it in. We went to the animal kingdom the next day. They were also undergoing renovations to add a new Avatar show/ride in the future. Again the heat was undermining my friend a lot so it was lucky a lot of the shows were indoors or in a covered area. And we managed to see the Kalahairi safari ride cause a gentleman at customer's relations gave me a fast pass for it. We both like the Lion King show the best so we saw it twice. Did go over to the Rainforest café for a bite as it is dark and cool. Didn't eat much since we had decided our one 'gourmet' meal would be at Artist's Point restaurant. Both
of us had steaks and hers was perfect, but for the first time, mine was less than I desired. But they made up for it by buying me a glass of wine and we had a wonderful dessert to split. All in all it wasn't a bad time and I think she enjoyed most of it. Know she would have preferred to be up at her relatives house in Sky Valley Georgia to enjoy the leaf change.

Had to go back to the Bone Marrow clinic this last week, since my numbers are going up and was put on another chemo drug. It was cytoxin, but the doc doesn't think I will lose my hair this time. That is a good thing since being bald in the winter is COLD! Don't know how those guys who shave their heads do it. But all this new med gave me a kind of icky week. It does cause more fatigue and I had a cough and runny nose that could be due to the oak pollen and acorns that are falling all over. This morning though, I said bother it, and went back to Tai Chi. Made it though the class and tried a bit of treadmill, but didn't overdue. Been taking a lot of naps or just lying down a resting but hopefully next week, I can get back to my usual routines. Have to go back to the clinic in a couple of weeks and get new labs. Hopefully this treatment will bring the numbers back down. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Been watching a lot of t.v. lately since a bunch of new shows are on. Caught a few of Gotham, and I think it is growing on me. Been watching Forever and I do like it, most likely because of Ioan Griffuds. Catching up on a lot of old favs, like Blacklist, Marverl Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Person Of Interest, Grimm, Criminal Minds, Top Chef to mention some.

Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Long time no post.
Gads, didn't realize it had been so long since my last entry. Just not a lot happening I guess. Trying to get the house taken care of and did have it pressure cleaned. It looked so good afterwards. Been also having some landscaping done since the flower beds and yard haven't had a lot of attention in the last few years. It is difficult to keep up with it since whenever I go out, I have to wear long sleeves, gloves, long pants, hat and mask. And when it is in the 90's it does get a bit warm to utter a bit of an understatement. We have been getting a lot of rain as well, which is of the good, but it makes yard work even more difficult. Had some calediums, split leaf philodendrum, some kind of shrub, a tree and some daisies planted. Only ones I am having issues with are the daises and the tree. The first tree was a very pretty red leaf, but it had some sort of bug that was attacking it, so they replaced it with a Japanese Magnolia. Unfortunately it's leaves are now turning black and do not look so good. The Landscapers are very good about coming and checking things and replacing the stricken plants. Also had some flagstones put where there is no grass and they lead to the back privacy fence. Made the yard look so much nicer.

Ran over to the ocean this last week. I had been to the bone marrow clinic and asked if I could get out into the water as yet and they told me that it would be okay, but just avoid too much sun....Huh? Oh well, did get out and it was wonderful. Even did some body surfing. Not bad yes? Only stayed out for about 20-25 minutes but I really loved it. And the other advantage to being at the ocean was the good meals I got to have. Had a wonderful seafood crepe with lobster, shrimp and scallops in a spinach cream sauce at the restaurant located in the hotel I stayed. It is the top rated restaurant in town. Then one night I just ran over to what looked like a sports bar and got a small salad and asked about their crab legs. Didn't want a full order of 1 1/2 lbs, because I just couldn't eat that much. So asked the waitress if there was a smaller amount I could get. She said there was an add on that was only 3 crab legs, so I got that. When it came, however, it was six very large snow crab claws. They were some kind of good and of course I ate them all. Needless to say my stomach complained a bit, but that is what Tums are for.

Looking forward to some new t.v. shows. The summer has been pretty boring and I haven't been to a great many movies. Of the ones I have seen, I liked the Grand Budapest Hotel and Guardians of the Galaxy the best. I know I saw a few others, but must not have made much of an impression on me. Did check out Noah and Leggo Story from Red Box. I don't think I read the same Bible they did for Noah and the Leggo movie just bored me. Never played with them and really didn't think the humor was that great. Still kind of interested in seeing the 100 ft. journey and Chef but missed them both. Still bummed they cancelled Longmire. Am boycotting A&E since this old lady doesn't seem to fit the profile of who they want watching their shows. Want to see, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Blacklist, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds and a few others due to air soon.

Best close now, since not a lot happening. Hope everyone had a good summer.

After my vacation
Just returned from my summer vacation. Hadn't taken one since last year and had to wait for the Bone Marrow Clinic to clear me after some issues. They did two days prior to my date to head out. So all was good on that front. Left on a very early Friday morning at o-dark-thirty as one friends says. It made it nice though cause I beat a lot of traffic heading up to Atlanta. Stopped for breakfast after a couple of hours and took my time getting up there. But I did make it just after noon. Went over to the Lennox Mall and roamed around for a bit since hotel check-in wasn't until 3. Had a very nice lunch at a Nieman Marcus restaurant and then proceeded to my hotel. I splurged here and stayed at the Buckhead Grand Marriot. It is a beautiful hotel and I had stayed there before, but with all the buildings and condos that have been erected there I almost didn't see it. Can't believe how much growth there is in such a small area. But got checked in and as always the people there were very nice and helpful. Rested in my room for awhile and then ambled out. Was looking for a sushi place that was supposed to be right beside the hotel, along with a few other restaurants, but it was closed. So went next door to another place and sat at the bar and indulged in a glass of champagne. After all it was TGIF. Met a couple and we conversed for quite some time so just decided to stay there and have a bowl of lobster bisque. Not a bad start to the vacation. Met an aunt of a friend of mine there the next day and we had lunch with her coworker of 30 years. Both were retired now, and it was a nice time. The lady has always taken us out to different areas of Atlanta and last year had a heart attack but has recovered very well. It was good to see.

Stayed in Atlanta for three days, and of course it rained. My friends call me tsunami Sherry cause it seems every time I go for a holiday it does rain. Ah well, didn't let it deter me too much. Headed on up to Cherokee, N.C. where I stayed at Harrah's Resort and Casino. Must say you get a lot more bang for you buck there. Guess they just want to get your butts down to the slots. The room was large and I had a very nice mountain view. We had stayed there once before about 5 years ago and they were constructing new wings for the place. It is so much nicer now and they added new restaurants which were badly needed. Believe me, the Indian res hasn't very many unless you want fast food or bar-b-que. On the first day I did wander down to the casino to the so-called non-smoking area for casino players who aren't puffing. It was right next to the food court so guess the smoke read it wasn't supposed to go there. But did find some quarter slots (big spender here), but hey there were penny and nickel slots as well. I sat next to this lady that had come up on a bus from Atlanta and had been playing pretty much all afternoon. She was telling me how to play for the best chance to win. Guess she knew cause while I was sitting there she got the high stake winners across the top. It was more money than the machine could give her back so security and the management had to come over and issue her a claim receipt or check or something to take to the cashier. After that I played her system and wound up winning a nice bit of money as well. And I hardly ever win. Next day I went into Cherokee for some retail therapy and found more items than I thought I would. Got a cowboy hat that finally was small enough for my head, a leather belt to hold up the pants and a pair of Minnotaki Mocassans. Of course most of the stores had what I called kitch. And then the rain came. Also that night the coldest temp on record just up the mountains. Argh. And I had packed shorts, capris, short sleeve shirts and T's. Luckily I had a few pairs of pants and some three quarter length shirts and had a sweater and windbreaker for later up in the mountains. Anyway had a whopper jr. at a burger king and headed back to the hotel. Layed about awhile then went down to the casino. Decided to play a bit as there were very few people there yet. And I put in my money at the quarter machine and punched it a few times when all of a sudden I hear this incessant pinging and looked at the slot and it was rolling around. I had hit on a winner. Not a big one like the lady before but a nice amount. Enough to make me happy. Of course I wanted to cheer and get excited like the winners at night do, but no one was around to see me, so I had to celebrate in silence. But so nice to win.

After three days in Cheokee went on over to Asheville where I was to meet my friends on the following night. I wanted to get there early and get over to the big Arts and Crafts Fair they have twice a year. I collect some very exquisite bowls by Jim MacPhail. I have been purchasing his works since the 90's and I think I have more than many of his other collectors since I started right after he retired when he began his hobby.e also been so supportive of me since my diagnosis and transplant and finally got to see them again after about 5 years. Found two more pieces that I bought. The casino winnings went toward them, yah. After that went back to the hotel and just lazed around. Next day went to the Biltmore Village and was stopping at some art galleries when the sky fell. I got caught in a downpour and it was probably the altitude, rain and cold, but started feeling pretty bad with chest tightness and a bit of throat constriction so went back to the car and just sat until I warmed up and felt more human. Headed back to the hotel and rested and waited for my friends to arrive. They had stayed overnight in Dahlonoga Georgia and did some gold mining. We all went to the Craft Fair on Saturday and of course when we came out it was raining again. Found a nice bistro and had a good lunch but we didn't want to overdue since we had reservations that night for our big gourmet dinner we allowed ourselves. And a good choice did we make. We went to the Red Stag Grill at the Grand Bohemian Hotel. Had a four course tasting menu with appropriate wines and ate elk for the first time. It was so good and much better than I would have ever thought. Delicious and I would most definitely have that again.

After Asheville we headed to Sky Valley where Sporangia's mom and brothers have a nice log cabin. Spent our last vacation days there. Sporangia and Momcat wanted to attend the gem shows going on up there and there were quite a few. Bead lady and hubby came up and joined us in visiting the various venues. I think everyone found something that they wanted or liked or just lucked out on. I did get a couple of things I wanted including a ring that will be custom made for me that I hadn't planned on finding there. Just lucked out. The stone is a beautiful tanzanite and it will be put in white gold. Have been looking for one for a few years and had to keep going back to justify getting it, but finally gave in. Had the girls look at it and both agreed that it was well worth it. Know they found some good buys as well.
After the gem shows we mostly drove around a saw some of the places we had visited before and wanted to see again. Just regret I couldn't do any hiking or other activities I used to do while there. Hard enough just dragging my butt up all the stairs and hills around the towns. Did have a great time though it was colder than I anticipated, but everyone else liked the cooler weather.

Home again now and am playing catch up around the house. Have to do some watering tonight as didn't have as much rain down here as where I was. Know this post is a bit long, but first time I have had a bit to talk about and thus the length. Since I am not sure how to do a cut, just skip this if it doesn't interest you.