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Senior citizen who just retired and now has time to pursue new hobbies. Took a golf course for the first time last summer. Love sports and hiking. Watching Gator football makes for a fun autumn. Likes to travel, but with the economy, having to wait a bit. Trip to Chicago in August for my first Stargate Atlantis convention. Signed up to have a pic made with Paul MacGuillion and will probably get one with Joe Flannigan as well. Have some good 'younger' friends that keep me up with the new tech out there. Eventually when I learn more I might try scanning some of my drawings into lj. Have been doing artwork for quite a long time. Did numerous illustrations in the old ST. fanzines. The new movie has reawakened my interest. Have been reading a lot of Stargate Atlantis fan fiction especially Carsoncentric stories. Prior to SGA read a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilescentric. My Orlando connection keeps getting me hooked on all these shows, but do like them a lot.